Stars is a vertical-scroll shoot 'em up game that you can play on the PC using an xbox360 controller. In order to power up the ship's weapons a player must use it to collect star energy, which drops from defeated enemy ships. Stars supports singleplayer, multiplayer coop and versus mode.
(2012) Visual Studio 2008 / XNA 2.0, Game design, 2D Art, Programming
GAX is a set of tools people can use to speed up building levels using the Unreal Dev Kit. It contains a combination of low resolution building blocks, high resolution replacement building blocks, gameplay prefabs and decorative meshes.

(2010) Unreal Development Kit, Game design, Level design, Kismet scripting
In Vortex, the player controls a pirate ship in a circular arena which must survive wave upon wave of enemies. As an added feature, the player must also watch the level of fuel, and collect barrels of fuel to keep moving.

(2008) Visual Studio 2008 / Ogre Game Engine, Lead game design, prototyping
Major Meteor Mayhem is a level design and visual prototype for the game Banjo Kazooie 3. It takes into account gameplay parameters from the previous game, like amount of pickups and upgrades available per level.

(2008) Maya 8.5 / Photoshop CS2, Level design, Level decoration, Asset modeling, Textures
This is a 2-4 player deathmatch map for Unreal Tournament 2004. It contains no custom art assets, so everything within the level is part of UT2004.

(2007) Unreal Tournament 2004, Level design, Level decoration
Alien Hyperball is a game concept and design, which includes a functional prototype of the level selection interface.

(2009) Visual Studio 2008 / XNA 2.0 / Photoshop CS4, Game design, C# Programming